ALUMNI NEWS December 2012

Published: December, 2012

Plymouth College has created an Alumni Office with yours truly at the helm. As a fellow alumnus I understand the strong affinity we have for the school and the loyalty we feel for our old school chums.

The Alumni Office has been a long time coming but now it’s here. The whole point of the Plymouth College Alumni Office is to reconnect past friends and engage them with the modern Plymouth College.

With only 8 weeks in the job it is obvious how diverse and powerful the alumni network is. My aim is to bring that network to together for the mutual benefit of alumni, current students and the school. Whether fund raising, creating career opportunities or simply reminiscing over a beer.

I welcome you all to the Plymouth College Alumni Office and look forward to meeting you all soon.

See you soon!

James Friendship
Alumni Office

Tel:  01752 505 114
Email:  [email protected]


A reunion - at last I hear you gasp! Well having been in post for 8 weeks and knowing how much Plymouth College students like a party, this was my first priority. After great deliberation we have decided to run five reunions a year. The reunions will happen at the end of every Christmas term. This hopefully gives you enough time to put your reunion in your diaries. The reunion year is based on the year that you left school (summer term). I know for some of us it’s been a long time since we left so I have added the Heads of School to give you a reminder.  This year’s reunions will be the classes of:

Class of 2012 1 Year Reunion (Ed Hirst & Sarah Norris)
Saturday 14th December 2013

Class of 2008 5 Year Reunion (Robert McCormick & Andrea Vasilou)
Friday 13th December 2013

Class of 2003 10 Year Reunion (J Frampton & Alexandria Dunstan)
Friday 24th May 2013

Class of 1988 25 Year Reunion (Landon Chung & Laura Carpenter)
Saturday 25th May 2013

Class of 1963 50 Year Reunion (Mr J Parsons)
Friday 25th October 2013

We thought long and hard about including Rob on the class of 2008. We understand that seeing him included may seem insensitive to some, but cherished friends should not be forgotten.

The reunions are completely free so there is no excuse not to attend, not even for the financially constrained students at University! If any alumni would like to help out in the organisation of these events please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Alumni Office. Getting hold of everyone is going to be a bit of a nightmare so if you have any contacts please let me have them.

There will be drinks in the OPM suite followed by dinner in the Library and wine-tasting and cheese served in the French Department. The classes of 2008 & 2012 will be able to stay in boarding accommodation with breakfast provided for a small fee as the school term will have just finished.

The 62 Reunion

The class of 62 (when they started at school) had a fantastic reunion at the school. The day started off with the Chairman’s Brunch hosted by Chris Robinson. The guys then piled into cars and minibuses to watch the First XV at Delgany.

The class of 62 then made every effort to drain the OPM bar of everything liquid at an evening dinner. The event was brilliantly organised by John Sanders. As a memento of the event a fantastic re-cut of an iconic 60s’ album was created “Col. Meade-King’s OPM Club band”.

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