Class of 62 Reunion

Class of 62 Final Edition 2012

Published: December, 2012

Dear Fellow Band Members,

I am attaching a copy of the signed Col. Meade-King's OPM Club Band special 50 year edition album cover as a final act of the 2012 reunion. For those of you who couldn't attend I should explain that it is an adulteration of the iconic album of our time at school with pictures of those who were there on the night superimposed on the original.

Many thanks to those of you who have written or spoken to me since the day. It seems the event exceeded most expectations and there is even support for another one some time. Those of you in Plymouth may be interested to know that Doug Martin is keen for you to maintain the link with the OPM club now by attending the occasional 'Dine-Ins' that take place during the year. I confess to liking the idea of going to the one in July that takes place during the cricket week. Sitting on the balcony sipping or supping seems very attractive now the weather has turned so cold.

It was a pleasure to organise the reunion which was made easier by the efforts of Sharon Lambie, Mike Purdy, Ashley Brown-Williams, Karen and her catering team, James Friendship, Dave Bayliss and, of course, Chris Robinson who generously invited us all to the Brunch and the rugby. I would be grateful if you could remember to prepare a brief 'bio' and photo for Chris as he would like to include some reference to the day in the next issue of the OPM magazine. You will note his email address is above.

All that remains is to wish you a very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year and the hope we will meet again before another 50 years elapses!

John Sanders

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