Neil O’Brien

Neil O’Brien

After leaving PMC with a pretty poor haul of O-levels, I was ‘encouraged’ by my parents to do something with my life other than drain their finances. So after a stint at the Poly to redress academic failings I found myself one day outside the RAF careers office and pretty quickly in uniform.

My time in the RAF was enjoyable and I managed to avoid any kind of punishment which will be a surprise for those remembering my discipline record at school! In fact I made a reasonable success of it all and, when I left, was immediately offered a job in industry running the flight trials programmes for various military aircraft.  I managed to get a Masters in business strategy along the way and eventually moved full time into Marketing. 

I became a corporate animal for a number of years rising to the giddy heights of Marketing Director for a large PLC. At the age of 50 came an opportunity to branch out on my own and I formed an agency specialising in strategic marketing and communications. I exited the business in 2008 and now work freelance as a Business Consultant with a small number of clients on two days a week.

I am married (to Valerie) and have a son and two grandchildren. We live near Lincoln and I spend much of my time cycling (a passion since I was 14), helping my wife with her horse, and touring in our motor home.  

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